Hi Dave,

I wanted to share some info with you incase you ever have a customer ask how to adapt for 1/10 wheels.


I had to use the longer drive cup shaft for the front that you sent me. Then I used some plastic, or delrin, not sure the material, 12mm hex adaptors. The are pretty thick at 9mm. I had to sand them down for the rear so I didn't have to order more long drive cups. Since the rear arm is different I don't have a problem with the wheel rubbing the arm like I did on the front. For the front I used the full 9mm hex adaptor and the long drive cup and it works great. I'm sure I will get better performance from these tires. Not to mention they are a little larger and look great.


I'm just trying to help incase you can use the info.

I actually bought these wheel adaptors a while back and can't remember where I got them. I have looked and looked and I can't seem to find them again right now. 



Gerald Kirby