SwellPro Swift 2 FPV RTR

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**NEW ITEM** **IN STOCK** Swift 2 is fully assembled and 100% RTF (ready to fly), right out of box with paired RC transmitter, 2 batteries, all necessary kits and tools for maintenance. The FPV system has been well set up and the flight parameters pre-tuned by experienced pilots for the most wanted racing performance. There really is no need to adjust the PID at all, just connect the battery, and fly! In Self-level mode, even a beginner can take full control of Swift 2 in his first attempt due to its outstanding self-stabilization. Added with great agility, it is one of the best racer for FPV freestyle.

Fitted with a 4S battery, the max flight speed is up to 150 km/h (94 mph), 0-100 km/h in just 3 seconds in Rate mode.

Swift 2 is super light, ultra simple, with near perfect aerodynamics and excellent maneuverability.

Racing-level #2205 2300KV motors, 25A ESC (Supporting a Peak at 40A) with 3 bladed propellers providing tremendous power to the 220mm sized quadcopter.